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Selective Brush Plating

Within our facility, Sadler Machine is able to offer the service of Brush Plating (Selective Plating) as a means of dramatically reducing our customer's down-time, and huge cost savings in the means of repairing slightly worn surfaces (up to 0.004” a side), and not having to replace the whole part.

What is Brush Plating/Selective Plating? Selective plating is a method of electroplating from concentrated plating solutions on selected area without immersion tanks. The solution is held in absorbent material wrapped around an anode. Electrical contact is made by brushing or swabbing the part (cathode) with the anode.


Benefits of Selective Plating 

  • Prevent or minimize disassembly of work piece
  • Portable equipment allows on-site work
  • Plate large parts or other parts not easily tank-plated
  • Supplement tank electroplating, minimize masking
  • Restore worn, corroded or miss-machined parts
  • Improve solder-ability, EMI shielding, conductivity in select area