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Quality Management

Sadler Machine maintains a Certified Quality Managements system in accordance to ISO-9001:2015 guidelines. Certificate Registration Number: 13-R6059.

Sadler Machine’s Management System is capable of satisfying the sometimes-stringent demands for quality documentation / certifications and records whether code driven or simply providing assurance to our customers that they are receiving a product, which meets or exceeds expectations.

In practice:

  • SMC uses Certified suppliers for purchased materials.
  • Each project is documented and uniquely identified throughout its manufacturing progress.
  • First Piece, In Process and Final Inspection are S.O.P.
  • All gauging and related inspection equipment used for First Piece, In Process and Final inspections are calibrated and certified to N.I.S.T. or other applicable standards.
  • NDT inspection and documentation is performed in house when possible by certified employees.
  • Management Contract Review identifies and eliminates potential issues prior to Finalizing Quotes.